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Inter-floral Mint Box

Inter-floral Mint Box

Image: Kristian Palmu

Image: Kristian Palmu


Inter-floral Mint Box is a crest of shimmering pastel shades. This experiential installation performance is inspired by the enigmatic communication between plants. It is an immersive web of frequencies that is tuned to soundless interaction. The wavelength of the work mediates in the mint shade along with its complementary colours. The experience itself grows like vine around those who participate. Inter-floral Mint Box is a world inside worlds: the city, the body and the forest.

‘Green Blindness’ refers to the mass culture of forgetting plantae. It is a phenomenon where the basis of our human existence become secondary backgrounds to our daily activities — T-shirt prints, raw materials used or weeds in the crack of the tarmac. Inter-floral Mint Box explores this phenomenon through the metaphor of mint green. This particular shade and its histories act as an agent towards the ecological green. The ambivalent mint green mimics the syntheticity of the plastic hell of pastel boxes and it also represents the eternal tones of jade, coral and the sea. Mint is nostalgic, melancholic, lovely and desirable. The work is an impossible attempt to search for a “relationship with nature” in the middle of a city. Hence it lapses into boxing an anthropocentric installation feast.

Inter-floral Mint Box is a minded landscape of colour mediation and optical illusion. It is a dive into the depths with moss and a rise up with branches.

The participants can move inside and around the Mint Box installation. They are a multi-sensorial experiencer of the performance. Each participant can slip into mint green by wearing participatory clothing.

The performance is accessible to all and follows safer space policies. You may step aside or leave at any time during the performance.

We are escaping the white and black boxes to the mint box, kom med!


Working group: Laura Marleena Halonen, Tom Lönnqvist, Marjut Maristo, Kristian Palmu

Dramaturgical aid: Henriikka Himma

Producer: Riikka Thitz

Supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Finnish Cultural Foundation / Uusimaa Regional Fund, Ida Aalberg Foundation, Kone Foundation

Premiere in viirus theatre, Helsinki ON 7.12.2019