Contemporary Arts Producer



Photo: Katri Naukkarinen


In the multiartistic and multidimensional solo performance by clarinettist Lauri Sallinen, music opens into space, playing becomes a dance and the lonely finds a community. Choreographer Mikko Hyvönen directs the music and the movements of the musician to generate a performance that leans towards contemporary dance. The electronic sound design by composer Libero Mureddu transforms the monophonic into the multiphonic, and the interactive video created by Teo Lanerva brings a resonating presence into the space.


Music: luciano Berio, franco donatoni, olivier messiaen, outi tarkiainen, steve reich
Musician, performer, concept: Lauri Sallinen
Choreography: Mikko Hyvönen
Electronics: Libero Mureddu
Lighting and video design: Teo Lanerva
Costume design: Roosa Marttiini
Production: Riikka Thitz
Co-production: Helsinki festival
Residency support: Silence festival
Supported by: Kone Foundation

Photos: Katri Naukkarinen

Premiere: 30.8.2017 in Gloria cultural arena / Helsinki festival, helsinki